Relaxing & results oriented. Each customized exclusively for your skins specific needs & conditions.

30 min

$ 75

60 min

$ 110

80 min

$ 125

Back Facials

All the attention & TLC that you expect in a facial, but for your back.

50 min

$ 95


TCA & Jessner peels by PCA Skincare. Blended to be progressive, not aggressive. Treats aging, congestion, and pigmentation concerns. These peels are great to have in a series throughout the year.

One Treatment

$ 95

Series of Four

$ 285

Microneedling Collagen Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy - Stimulate new collagen with little to no downtime using controlled needle penetration on the skin. Recommended for anti-aging, fine/deep lines, acne scarring, and pigmentation.

One Treatment

$ 190

Series of Four

$ 570


A superficial exfoliation using aluminum oxide crystals and then smoothing skin with organic grains to finish. This is a wonderful treatment by itself, or with a facial.

One Treatment

$ 100

Series of Four

$ 300

With Facial

$ 145


Permanent hair removal using thermolysis. This is a fantastic choice to get rid of stubborn hair anywhere on the body unable to be removed with laser (blonde, grey, red)

15 min

$ 35

30 min

$ 65

60 min

$ 90


Using a hard wax for facial areas ensures a safer, less agitating treatment for even the most sensitive skin.


$ 20


$ 10


$ 18


$ 10


$ 40

Full Face

$ 45


$ 40 - 65


$ 40 - 60


$ 25 - 35


$ 25


$ 55


An exfoliation technique that gently sloughs off dead skin cells and peach fuzz creating a healthier, radiant appearance. It increases product absorption and primes the skin for chemical peels.

One Treatment

$ 50

with facial/peel

$ 40

Add on's

Add to your skincare services


$ 25

arry the benefit of any skincare service down to this area and watch it transform.

Foot peel mask

$ 35

Relax during your service in booties filled with exfoliating acids to remove dead skin cells. Removed with warm towels your feet will feel brand new within days.

Celluma LED panel

$ 35

Treating wrinkles and acne using blue and red light energy that are absorbed by different molecules to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria or enhance circulation.


$ 35

A workout for the muscles of the face. Gentle, low-level current restimulates the muscles for a more youthful, healthier appearance providing both instant and cumulative effects.